Cash for Houses: How to Sell a House Without a Real Estate Agent

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of Sold New Home Against a Blue Sky

Most people seek the help of a real estate agent to help them sell their house on the MLS, but it is possible to sell a home without even passing through a realtor. Selling a home without a realtor means not using the MLS or listing a home for sale, because off market homes can be sold to investors who are direct buyers, who are willing to buy for cash and who are closing deals very quick. People have their own reasons why they want to sell their house as soon as possible, and these people include wholesalers, homeowners, investors, and heirs. Find out for further details right here

A wholesaler buy and sell properties, and business routine includes contracting the rights to purchase a home and sell those rights to another investor good for only thirty days, thus needing to sell properties and close deals quickly. There are many homeowners who don’t want to put their homes on the MLS because of the poor condition of their homes, and these houses are not qualified for conventional loan, so an investor is the perfect candidate to purchase these houses. You might be surprised, but investors also want to sell houses quickly, particularly those who have just moved, those who are tired renting the home from a long distance, paying a property manager who does not do a good job, and those who found a better opportunity somewhere else. Take note that every investor has his own criteria for what they will pay, and most of the time, they’re not going to pay the retail value of a house with a quick cash, otherwise they can get a loan and an inspection. Investors are usually willing to pay twenty to thirty percent below the market value of the house, plus the seller need to be stressed listing his house on the MLS nor pay a commission to a real estate company, thus it is considered as a win-win situation. Take a look at this linkĀ for more information.

As much as sellers want to sell their houses quickly, so as with investors, but they don’t easily find each other, because homeowners don’t want to list their homes on MLS, and investors can’t market to everyone. Selling your home off the market is not a sure way to get the highest selling price, but it is the best way to get quick cash. Sellers should be understand investors who pay cheap or twenty to thirty percent of the actual retail value because they also need to invest and market the same property to other investors, but also be careful with shady investors who try to steal homes from off market sellers with the lowest price far from reasonable rate. We are cash home buyers in Cleveland who are looking for off market houses for sale, willing to negotiate as needed. Please check our website for more details. Learn more about home selling, go hereĀ